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Our services are designed to unlock your industrial potential, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved safety through our comprehensive noise monitoring, motor diagnostics, and precision services.

PdMA Motor Testing Services

Electrical Motor Testing

Maximize the performance and reliability of your electrical motors with our comprehensive Electrical Motor Testing service. Our expert diagnostics identify potential issues early, preventing costly downtime and extending the life of your equipment. Rely on us for detailed assessments that keep your operations efficient and uninterrupted.

Noise Monitoring Services

Noise Monitoring

Navigate environmental compliance and safeguard community relations with our Environmental Noise Monitoring service. Our advanced techniques and equipment accurately assess noise levels, helping you mitigate risks and implement effective noise reduction strategies. Trust our expertise to maintain a harmonious balance between your operations and environmental responsibilities.

Sensor Calibration Services


Ensure the precision and accuracy of your instruments with our Sensor Calibration service. Critical for maintaining quality control and meeting industry standards, our calibration services help you avoid costly errors and maintain operational excellence. Depend on our skilled technicians for meticulous calibration that supports your commitment to quality.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection Services

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Protect your assets and reduce operational costs with our Ultrasonic Leak Detection service. This cutting-edge solution identifies leaks early, preventing waste and safeguarding against potential damage. Our non-invasive approach means we can locate issues without disrupting your workflow, offering peace of mind and operational efficiency.

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