SoundAdvisor 831C

Short description

The SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter Model 831C is designed to make noise measurement easy. Due to its color display, connectivity, extensive software features and small form factor the SoundAdvisor is an ideal choice for handheld operation. Attended measurements are simplified, with the ability to control and monitor data via any PC or mobile device with a standard web interface. Designed with the acoustic professional in mind, the SoundAdvisor offers an elegant solution for complex needs in an easy to use system.

Larson Davis


Product Details


  • Environmental noise assessment
  • Noise reduction validation
  • Product quality control
  • Spectral noise analysis
  • FFT analysis and tone assessment
  • In-situ sound power measurements
  • Code enforcement

Measurements Simplified

  • Connectivity Is Key - Cellular, WiFi, and wired networking are all available to you when using the SoundAdvisor. The meter can even serve as its own WiFi hotspot.
  • Many Platforms, Same Controls - Whether you are setting up a test on the meter, checking in remotely from your laptop, or receiving an alert to your smartphone, you'll be working with the same interface and menus across all platforms
  • Customizable for Your Application - From complete outdoor monitoring kits to a low noise option to automatic event detection, the SoundAdvisor is designed to help meet your testing needs
  • LCD Color Interface - A full color user interface allows you to interpret data more easily, right from the meter

Technically Optimized

As with any device from Larson Davis, a thoughtful design process ensures that your needs are met from international standards to functionality.

  • IEC 61672-1:2013, ANSI S1.4-2014 Class 1 integrating sound level meter
  • Real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands, compliant
    with IEC 61260:2014 and ANSI S1.11-2014 Class 1
  • >120 dB dynamic range
  • 2 GB internal memory, expandable by USB
  • Full range AC output
  • Available Low noise option (831C-LOWN) 

Type Approvals / Pattern Approvals

  • LNE
  • PTB
  • METAS (paired with Preamplifier Model PRM2103)
  • METAS (paired with Preamplifier Model PRM831)