RONDS - Wireless Condition Monitoring System

Model: RH560

Manufacturer: RONDS

RONDS - Wireless Condition Monitoring System is a complete solution for wireless monitoring in the industry. It is an excellent tool that requires very minimal equipment and is ready to be installed on-site.
One gateway for acquiring data and multiple vibration sensors that can quickly be mounted on machines, and the system is ready to go. No hassle of junction boxes, wiring difficulties, cables conduits, etc.

All channels can synchronously collect data and are capable of collecting both vibration and temperature. Intelligent Alarm: Minimal Sampling Value (RMS), good coverage of running machines.
RONDS is an ideal tool for on-site monitoring, it has a strong anti-jamming capability, long distances transmission from data collector according to real industrial conditions.
The sensors are capable of measuring: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, and Temperature

RH560 Wireless Gateway
  • Low consumption, IP66
  • Wireless data transmission distance: 300m line of sight
  • Support maximal 30~45pcs of wireless sensors
  • Ethernet, Optic Fiber, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G communication method options
  • EX Grade: ExiaIICT4(1~2 zone)

RH505 Wireless  single-axis Sensor
  • Frequency Range:2~20 kHz (Piezo)
  • Sampling Rate: Maximal 51.2 kHz
  • Range: ±50g
  • Spectrum: 51200 lines
  • Waveform: 128K
  • Long Time Waveform: 2M
  • Integrated design, built-in antenna, low consumption
  • Wireless transmission: 300m line of sight
  • IP Grade IP68
  • EX grade: ExiaIICT4 (0~2 zone)

RH605 Wireless tri-axial Sensor
  • Frequency Range: Piezo: 2~20KHz, MEMS: 2-1kHz, ±3dB
  • Sampling rate: maximal 51.2KHz
  • Spectrum: 51200 lines (Piezo) ; 6400lines ( Mems)
  • Waveform: 128K (Piezo); 16K (Mems)
  • Range: Piezo: ±50g, MEMS:±16g
  • Integrated design, built-in antenna, low consumption
  • Wireless transmission: 300m line of sight
  • IP Grade: IP68
  • EX Grade: ExiaIICT4 0~2 zone)

Battery Life
RONDS Wireless sensors have excellent battery life, to make the monitoring hassle-free and will not require continuous battery replacement or regular inspection. 
If setting time waveform collection interval to be 2 hours, sampling value collection interval to be 10 minutes, the battery life to one axial wireless sensor RH505 is 3 years, the battery life of the tri-axial wireless sensor RH605 is 2 years.

  • Replace manual inspection for machines in a hazardous environment, save labor's cost, guarantee labor's safety.
  • Reduce unplanned shutdown, improve production efficiency, prevent economic loss or unexpected disaster caused by an unplanned shutdown
  • Guide maintenance plan, optimize spare parts purchasing and storage
  • Make remote condition monitoring
  • Get the best cost and benefit from machinery full life cycle management.
  • Receiving alarms through emails