POWERVE® Portable Weigher for Railway Vehicles


Manufacturer: IVM – Innovative Vibration Monitoring

POWERVE®, The first and only fully portable system to weigh trains. IVM, has engineered an innovative measuring instrument which measures the static weight force distribution loaded on track, by each rolling stock wheel. The system is so light and easy to use that can be quickly used by just two people. The easy installation and portability make it perfect for use both along track and at workshops, you will be able to move the system to the track you prefer minimizing the movements of rail cars.

The POWERVE® system is extremely modular and scalable because it measures from 2 to 6 wheelsets at the same time, depending on the measuring necessities. It is constituted by 2 main functional Kits:

Wheelset Kit: Control System
The Wheelset Kit includes the mechanical parts and the sensing elements with the dedicated acquisition boards, needed to measure each single wheelset.

The Control System includes the execution and control elements, needed to manage the measuring process. The Control System allows to control any Wheelset Kit, without configurations needed. Moreover, it also includes a Cloud platform, to manage and download all the measures in the most common formats (PDF, Excel, CSV).

The commercial configurations of the POWERVE® system are:
  • POW2X made of 2 Wheelset Kits (each one measures the vertical forces of each wheel of a wheelset at the same time) and 1 Control System.
  • POW3X made of 3 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System
  • POW4X made of 4 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System
  • POW6X made of 6 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System