BeanDevice® ONE-TIR-MED


Manufacturer: BeanAir Germany

The ONE-TIR-MED wireless temperature device is designed for human body temperature screening, mostly for forehead temperature screening. It helps to limit the spread of infectious diseases such as the novel COVID-19.

Install it at the entrance and the subject walks to the station, brings the forehead close to the sensors and it detects the temperature and green light lights up if the temperature is “NORMAL” 36.4C and a Red LED lights up if the higher temperature is detected.
(Eliminates the need of another person holding a temperature sensor for screening)

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Available in two versions:
• A transportable and autonomous version (battery-powered) with a minimum refresh rate of 4 seconds - Model: ONE-TIR-MED-TRA, priced at $326
• A fast temperature screening version (AC powered), refresh rate: 1 sec, for better queue management - Model: ONE-TIR-MED-FTS, priced at $404
*The BeanGateway - 2.4GHz Wireless link & Ethernet is priced at $467 (Indoor version)
(All prices are in ex-factory Germany in USD)

Along with the ONE-TIR-MED device, you'll need a gateway to acquire the signals. This gateway will be connected to the BeanScape software (included free with the sensor, max: 5 sensors) and will provide you live readings. Software to be installed on a customer’s computer/Laptop.
One Gateway can be used to connect multiple sensors at the same time. And all can be monitored separately in the BeanScape software.

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A starter kit is also available which contains the following:
1 x Body temperature Scanner, ONE-TIR-MED (Either TRA or FTS version)
1 x BeanScape® 2.4GHz Temp Screening Lite software
1 x BeanGateway receiver with LAN connection

Temperature starter kit (including ONE-TIR-MED-TRA version), priced at $752
Temperature starter kit (including ONE-TIR-MED-FTS version), priced at $836